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Fair Trade with Gourmesso

Fair Trade is on the rise. Today more than ever, consumers are asking for products certified with the Fair Trade label. In step with a growing sense of solidarity in the world community, consumers want to not only buy the highest quality products, but know these products are harvested and refined under the most responsible socially-economical conditions.

Support Fair Trade Projects with Gourmesso

Fair Trade supports a resource and environmentally friendly production.
Photo: TransFair / Santiago Engelhardt

What Is Fair Trade?

The goal of Fair Trade certification is to ensure a minimum price and thus a stable income to producers. Furthermore, the movement supports a strict observance of international environmental and social standards. Finally, it promotes long-term partnerships between distributors and producers to reduce exploitation and create mutually beneficial arrangements.

The Fair Trade movement represents many organizations working together under the umbrella of Fair Trade International (FLO). This central authority sets internationally recognized standards and provides consultants and counselors who can support local producer groups. To maintain compliance, traders and producers are regularly checked by inspectors independent of the FLO.

Fair Trade Certificate & Fair Trade Coffee

Only products proven to contain 100% Fair Trade ingredients may obtain a certification. The main focus is fair-minded cooperation. Based on this basic idea, three essential standards have been established. The so-called "three pillars of sustainable development" include: social awareness, environmentalism and economy.

Social criteria such as occupational health and safety, prohibition of exploitation and discrimination, as well as the prohibition of illegal child labor and compulsory labor are just as fundamental as a resource and environmentally friendly production. Further Fair Trade supports individual cooperatives with bonuses for community projects, pre-financing of the annual harvest, and training opportunities which, in the long run, lead to an optimization of production and income.

At Gourmesso, we’re expanding our selection of Fair Trade certified coffee by leaps and bounds to make sure we’re at the forefront of this movement. Now, not only will your Gourmesso coffee offer you the best taste and the easiest convenience, but provide peace-of-mind that every human being who had a hand in creating this coffee was treated fairly and equitably.

How Does Fair Trade Work?

Let’s take just one of our coffees, the Tarrazú Forte. It’s an Arabica coffee specialty best as racy, intense and aromatic. The coffee beans are grown in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, one of the best coffee-growing regions worldwide. The rich volcanic soil and the optimal climate contribute to the Tarrazú Forte’s special taste. The name Tarrazú derives from the Huetar Indians, the native inhabitants of the Tarrazù region.

Support Fair Trade Projects with Gourmesso

Fair Trade supports the construction of schools as well as the allocation of scholarships to local childern.
Photo: TransFair / Santiago Engelhardt

The beans for Gourmesso Tarrazú Forte are grown in the fields of CoopeAgri. The company, founded in 1962 as a network of several small farmers, provides coffee producers a safe alternative to the increasing privatization of the coffee market. In addition to fair working conditions, CoopeAgri supports environmental protection programs and raises awareness among the population. They support the construction of houses in the region and promote the education of local children. Further, they helped coffee farmers to rebuild their fields after the coffee crisis of 2001-2004. Above all this, the organization pays attention to a responsible use of natural resources and the proper development of the coffee farmers. The revenues of the company are used to improve working and living conditions of farmers and their families.

Since 2004 CoopeAgri Coffee has been Fair Trade certified. Thanks to Fair Trade, farmers can be promoted and supported even more. More than 35,000 coffee farmers, workers and their families have been able to benefit from CoopeAgri until now. Quality is constantly examined in the network’s own laboratories. Thus, positive or negative developments can be passed on directly to the farmers.

Gourmesso Fair Trade Products

Every time you purchase the Tarrazú Forte you support the Costa Rican coffee farmers and protect the environment in this specific area. Gourmesso offers a wide and unique selection of Fair Trade coffee. From Mexico to Africa to India: Gourmesso takes you on a journey around the world to impressive places and landscapes. Learn more about our Fair Trade coffees and their regions of origin on the following pages.

Buy Fair Trade Coffee at Gourmesso

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