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Our Espresso

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    Tarrazu Forte

    10 capsules
    Intensity: 8

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    Our Fairtrade certified Tarrazu Forte blend is a single-orign Nespresso®* capsule alternative from Costa Rica.
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    India Forte

    10 capsules
    Intensity: 8

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    India Forte
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    Bolivia Pura Mezzo

    10 capsules
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    Bolivia Pura Mezzo fairtrade

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Nespresso®* Compatible Capsules 30% Cheaper - Coffee Blends for only $0.45!

Treat yourself to an exquisite espresso experience with Gourmesso coffee pods, starting at only $0.45 per capsule. With Gourmesso coffee capsules you will save more than 30% over the traditional Nespresso®* capsules, which start at $0.65 each. We offer free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more.

Our espresso, lungo, and flavored coffee capsules are 100% compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines. We have carefully and thoughtfully produced a coffee capsule that would never damage your Nespresso®* machines, and brews with a similar high quality you've come to expect from Nespresso®* coffee capsules.


Espresso Capsules

Espresso is a small, concentrated, strong serving of coffee prepared by using pressure to push hot water through a serving of finely ground coffee beans. Espresso contains less acid than regular coffee, making it easier to digest. You can use our espresso capsules to enjoy just a regular shot, or spicy things up and make a enjoyable latte or cappuccino. Espresso like our Nespresso®* compatible capsules are perfect for making those brilliant lattes you might typically enjoy at a coffee shop. But with our wide variety of blends, you can find the perfect espresso to create your favorite latte with. You can also check out our blog for some great recipes! Or if you're looking for something truly unique, try an affogato. This small and simple Italian dessert is a bowl or cup full of vanilla ice cream served with a cooled shot of espresso that you then dumb over the ice cream. Add a shot of espresso liquor or brandy to give it that extra European touch.

Lungo Nespresso®* Compatible Coffee Capsules

A lungo, on the other hand, is the Italian word for 'long' and is thus known as a 'long coffee.' A Lungo is prepared by the same method as an espresso but simply uses more water creating a more delicate, less intense flavor. If you typically drink Americanos, then our alternative Nespresso®* capsules are perfect for you. You can also use our lungo capsules to make delightful drinks like Cortados or Flat Whites that don't have as much milk as a typical latte.

Best Nespresso®* Flavors

Some of the most popular flavors offered by Nespresso®* include the Kazaar and Rosabaya de Colombia. The strong and bold flavor of the Kazaar is what makes it a number-one choice for many espresso enthusiasts. Our comparable Nespresso®* compatible capsules, the Ristretto Forte, offer a similarly bold espresso experience to the Kazaar. The Rosabaya de Colombia is a smoother and fruitier blend, and has subtle notes that are often compared to a fruity red wine. We offer compatible Nespresso®* capsules similar to the Rosabaya. The Gourmesso coffee capsules that are most similar are the Tarrazu Forte and Lungo Arabica Forte. Or if you're a fan of the more nutty espresso blends like the Volluto, Capriccio, or Livanto try our similar India Forte or the India Pura Mezzo.

Nespresso®*Compatible Coffee Pods

The single-serve coffee business has skyrocket both around the world and in the United States in the last 20 years bringing the coffeehouse right into the consumers home. The ease and availability of coffee pods has made getting a high-quality cappuccino something almost anyone can do, if they have a single-serve coffee machine. The two most popular machines in the US are the Keurig® and the Nespresso®* machine. While the Keurig® makes large cups of coffee not as suitable for specialty drink like lattes and cappuccinos, the Nespresso®* machines produce premium espresso shots perfect for these drinks. At Gourmesso we want to offer you Nespresso®* compatible pods that easily and efficiently deliver you bold and smooth shots of espresso, right in your own home. Our Nespresso®*compatible pods are a perfect base for making almond-milk lattes, cappuccinos, and everything else you'd expect from your local coffee shop.

Coffee Cultivation

Gourmesso travels quite literally thousands of miles to provide our customers with the finest coffee from around the globe. We want our coffee capsules to deliver the same exceptional taste you'd expect from any one of our competitors. The optimal cultivation regions for coffee beans are located around the equator, and we hand select the finest coffees from these regions. We fill our compatible Nespresso®* capsules with Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from India, South America and Africa. We also offer single-origin Nespresso®* compatible capsules that are sourced 100% from the same regions and farm. Sustainability is always important to us, and we are constantly striving to incorporate new and different Fairtrade and Organic options into our varieties. 

A History of Coffee

There are disputing accounts of the "true" origin of coffee. One account tells the story of a monk from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia that ate coffee berries while tending to a herd of animals. He felt unusually lively and alert afterwards. The monk was so fascinated by the effects that he began brewing a "potion" from the coffee fruit and realized that his tiredness and fatigue disappeared thanks to the drink. Another interpretation claims the name of coffee stems from an ancient Arabic word "gahwah" meaning wine. Since Islam forbade the use of wine, coffee was used as a substitute because of its stimulating effect. However, coffee's use as a wine substitute was then forbidden as well.

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