Compostable Coffee Capsules
for Nespresso Original Machines

No Plastic - No aluminum

Gourmesso's new Eco Line is a better solution for our planet and the environment cup by cup.

Zero plastic, zero aluminum


European Quality

Save the Planet Cup by Cup while also saving money

Aroma protected
airtight packaged up thanks to innovative protective seal

Premium roasted coffee
from Fairtrade certified coffee plantations

100% compostable
in industrial composting plants

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5 Blends - Great taste

We have launched some our our favorite blends in our new compostable pods:

- Eco Line Honduras Pura Forte (Organic & Fairtrade certified) - Espresso Intensity 9
- Eco Line Lungo Arabica Forte (Organic & Fairtrade certified) - Lungo Intensity 9
- Eco Line Decaf Peru Dolce (Organic & Fairtrade certified) - Decaf Espresso Intensity 3
- Eco Line Vaniglia (Fairtrade certified) - Vanilla infused Espresso Intensity 5
- Eco Line Cioccolato (Fairtrade certified) - Chocolate infused Espresso Intensity 5

Fairtrade certified

With every purchase of our Fairtrade certified coffees, you directly support sustainable development and cultivation of coffee farmers around the world.

Organic Blends

Three of our Eco Line blends are also organic: Honduras Pura Forte, Lungo Arabica Forte, & Decaf Peru Dolce

Gourmesso Compostable Pods are
+30% more affordable then Original capsules

Try from our starter selection:

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