7 Espresso Pods for Nespresso Machines That You Should Try

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7 Espresso Pods for Nespresso Machines That You Should Try

At Gourmesso.com, we pride ourselves on providing coffee lovers with a variety of brands that feature high-quality, Fairtrade certified, organic bean options served in preservative and BPA-Free plastic and/or aluminum pods - all compatible with your Nespresso Original Line Machines.

Here’s a selection of our most favorite flavored espresso pods that are sure to make your mornings that much better!  

Best Espresso Capsules for Your Daily Java Fix 

Artuzzi San Remo - Vanilla 20ct - Intensity 10

For Vanilla-infused espresso lovers… here is your new favorite coffee flavor at a decent price per pod. What makes these Vanilla pods for Nespresso Machines special? The Artuzzi San Remo Blend is  a mix of fine Arabica beans from Central and South America combined with smooth and sweet vanilla aroma - creating an indulgent and rich espresso. How about trying it as a Vanilla Macchiato for example?!?  

Gourmesso Chocolate 10ct - Intensity 5

Another deliciously flavored goodie is Gourmesso's Soffio Cioccolato (Chocolate Espresso)! And best of all - its beans are fully certified Fairtrade. 

If you’re a chocoholic , this is the perfect choice for you!

Similar to Nespresso’s Ciocattino blend, you will love these pods. With an Aromatic profile of Dark chocolate combined with Arabica and Robusta beans, these pods are perfect for making a Mocha Latte or Mocha Cappuccino. 

Toffee Nut - Gianduia Caramelo

When you’re feeling nutty, there’s no better choice than Toffee Nut Gianduia Caramelo!

Toffee Nut Espresso Pods Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines

An excellent nutty choice, it is a blend of Arabica beans, with a dash of Robusta beans merged with a nutty caramel aroma. Our Toffee Nut goes through a slow roast process to bring out the flavor notes and ensures a velvety crema.

Did you know? This is Fairtrade certified coffee! This means the beans used were grown and harvested according to standards that increase sustainable development.


Hazelnut- Nocciola

Another great choice guaranteed to satisfy your nutty cravings is Hazelnut Nocciola!

Hazlenut Nocciola Espresso Pods Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines

Gourmesso is proud to have hazelnut-based coffee capsule blends. Originating from Turkey, these quickly spread around the world from popularity.

For this European specialty we use a dark roast blend of Indian and Brazilian beans, which reveals the warm scent and roasted hazelnut flavor during the brewing process.

Decaf Cioccolato

If you are a decaf drinker, you’ll be happy to know we have a Chocolate Decaf!

Decaf Chocolate What Coffee Pods Should I buy that are Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines

With an aromatic profile without the caffeine buzz this is an incredible option to sweeten your favorite cappuccino recipe.  Enjoy your decaf coffee knowing it is Fairtrade certified, as well as gluten and sugar-free.


Brasile Blend Dolce

Brasile Blend Dolce is a fantastic light roast option! 


Brasile Blend Dolce Coffee Pods Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines

Made from Brazilian and Peruvian Arabica beans and Indian Robusta beans the Brasile Blend Dolce is slow roasted for a milky aroma with just a hint of citrus.


Note: These capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine, Dolce Gusto, or Keurig machines.

On another note, on gourmesso.com we offer a number of variety bundles that are particularly great for first-time trial purchases, so that you can sample a selection of mouth-watering blends. And if you are in a rush, some of them are also available on Amazon.com (with free PRIME shipping).

If you’re looking for different varieties, there’s no better choice than this top five Nespresso flavorvariety pack. It’s a great place to start if you’re just now getting into flavored espresso and are still deciding  your favorite.

In this generous pack, you’ll get five boxes of ten capsules (50 pods) containing different Nespresso Original Machine Compatible flavors:

  • 1x box Caramel — Caramello
  • 1x box Chocolate — Cioccolato
  • 1x box Hazelnut — Nocciola
  • 1x box Vanilla — Vaniglia
  • 1x box Coconut — Noce di Cocco

All these flavors have a medium intensity of 5. Just in case this is not the bundle for you, Gourmesso.com also offers more options:

We hope our list inspired your java cravings and you experiment with your next cup of joe.

If flavors aren’t your thing, that’s alright! Browse through our selection of espresso’s, lungo’s, and decaf pods.



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