Gourmesso's Guide to Espresso Based Drinks

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Gourmesso's Guide to Espresso Based Drinks

Espresso Drinks Guide

Most of these drinks are a combination of espresso, milk and foam, the main differentiator is the ratios. 


One shot of highly concentrated coffee, approximately 1oz / 30ml. Traditionally served alongside a small cup of sparkling water. One espresso also works well as a non-alcoholic Digestif because it can aid digestion after a meal.


Dopio means double - a Double Espresso. This is a strong 2oz / 60ml coffee. This is the base to all of the drinks on this guide. 


1oz / 30ml espresso + 3oz / 90ml water. Believed (but not confirmed) to have originated during WWII when American soldiers added water to their espresso while stationed in Italy to make it more similar to the coffee back home. A variation of this is the Red Eye - where instead of water you add 3oz drip coffee to the espresso.


A Lungo is a longer espresso. It is less concentrated than espresso, but more intense than an Americano. With a lungo, the espresso is extracted for a longer time to give you 3oz / 90ml espresso.  


2oz / 60ml espresso + 2oz / 60ml milk + 2oz / 60ml foam. One of the most popular espresso drinks in the US. A cappuccino is traditionally consumed at breakfast time in Italy, where it is strictly thought of as a morning drink, not to be ordered after 11am.

Caffe Latte

2oz / 60ml espresso + 4oz / 120ml milk + .5oz / 15ml foam. A perfect drink for those new to drinking coffee or espresso because the higher ratio of milk will balance the intense taste of the espresso. This is slightly different than a Latte Macchiato, which is served in a tall glass with distinct layers of milk, espresso and foam - in that order. You then stir with a long spoon.


Ristretto means restricted, which refers to the limited water flow to essentially make a shorter espresso. You use the same amount of coffee (with a finer ground), but half the water to get a .5oz / 15ml espresso. Having less water leads to a more intense espresso taste, and the shorter extraction or brewing time leads to less bitterness.


A cortado has a 1:1 ration of espresso and steamed milk: 2oz / 60ml espresso + 2oz / 60ml steamed milk.It has a very creamy and silky texture and more intense coffee taste than a cappuccino. The Cuban style, Cortadito, is made with condensed milk.  

Espresso Macchiato

Getting your macchiato right: Macchiato's literal translation is "marked" and there are 2 different espresso drinks with this word. Espresso Macchiato (the more popular one in the US) is Espresso marked with a small amount of foamed milk - 2oz / 60ml espresso + .5oz / 15ml foamed milk. A Latte Macchiato is rather milk marked with espresso and served in a tall glass. 3oz / 90ml steamed milk + 1oz / 30ml espresso + 1oz / 30ml foam.

Flat White

The flat white originated in Australia and New Zealand, but has been growing in popularity the US over the last decade. It is very similar to a cappuccino, but without the traditional hard foam and rather a silkier microfoam: 2oz / 60ml espresso + 4oz / 120ml steamed milk. Depending on where you live or what coffee shop you go to, It is not always so easy to tell the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white because in many US coffee shops and homes a cappuccino is being served with microfoam just like a flat white.


One of the best treats or desserts for coffee lovers. 2oz / 60ml espresso + 1 scoop of ice cream.A super easy afternoon pick me up or an after dinner treat for guests.


Short for Caffe Mocha Latte, this is a mix between a latte and a hot chocolate. 2oz / 60ml espresso 2oz / 60ml hot chocolate/chocolate syrup + 1oz / 30ml steamed milk. 

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