Coffee Trends for 2019

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Coffee Trends for 2019

The coffee industry is constantly changing to adapt to the dynamic desires of coffee drinkers all around the world. So far in 2019, we have seen many changes occur in the coffee industry that point toward exciting times ahead for all coffee drinkers. Here are some of the biggest coffee trends in 2019.

Fairtrade Certified Coffee

In recent years, consumers around the world have become more socially aware. This has led them to value the presence of products that promote their social values. For coffee drinkers, this has meant a spike in the popularity of fairly traded coffee.

Fairtrade refers to a product’s guarantee that the workers who produced it were all treated fairly and received adequate pay for their work. When coffee drinkers see this certification on a package of coffee, it helps to put their mind at ease knowing that they are supporting a company that values fair treatment of its workers. All of Gourmesso’s main blends are Certified Fairtrade; shop them here.

Ready-to-Drink Coffee

People are busier than ever nowadays, which has put a dent into their morning coffee time. While many people still enjoy the standard brew-to-order coffees that have their specialized ingredients, many others are headed in a different direction.

More and more coffee drinkers, especially younger ones, are turning toward using ready-to-drink coffee products. These products come packaged in an easily portable bottle and do not require any sort of preparation to drink, which makes them a very popular choice for someone who lives a busy lifestyle. They also tend to be sweeter than a lot of traditional coffee products, which is something that younger coffee drinkers greatly enjoy.

Sustainably Grown

Another result of the rise in social awareness has led to people seeking out sustainably grown coffee. This means the coffee must be grown organically or not have resulted in any damage to the water, trees, or land. These sustainably grown coffee products should also typically be put into compostable packaging, like our Glorybrew pods for Keurig.

Buttered Coffee

Many people have a firm believe that adding butter to pretty much any type of food will make it better. Now, some coffee drinkers have taken that philosophy and applied it to their coffee products. These coffees have a little bit of butter or coconut milk added to them, which provides the drink with some added flavor and healthy fats. Add MCT oil in addition to the butter to make a paleo-style beverage.

Cold Brew Coffee

People drinking cold brew coffee are by no means something that is exclusive to 2019. People have been enjoying their cold caffeinated beverages for a long time. However, this year has seen a fairly large rise in the popularity of these products.

Unlike the traditionally brewed coffee alternatives, cold brew beverages are easy to make in large batches. This can save a ton of time for coffee shops or even just a family who drinks a lot of coffee. Cold brew is also less acidic and bitter than its traditional counterparts, which makes it appealing to a lot of consumers. You can easily make your own cold brew coffee with the Glorybrew DIY Cold Brew Kit.

No matter what changes occur in the coffee industry, many people still rely on one-cup coffee makers such as Nespresso and Keurig. Get the best coffee pods of 2019 compatible with Keurig and Nespresso machines here.

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