Top 5 Coffee Trends for 2020

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Top 5 Coffee Trends for 2020

Coffee consumption has had an outstanding 2.1% annual growth, since 2009. Coffee followers continue to expand, even in distant parts of the world where the grains do not grow. If you take a look at the stats of the top coffee consuming countries, you would be shocked to see which ranked at the very top.

We find Finland at our number one spot, with a consumption of 12 kg per person per year. Followed by Norway and Iceland, both with a consumption of 9.9 kg per year. The remaining top 7 coffee consuming countries are: Denmark (8.7 kg), Netherlands (8.4 kg), Sweden (8.2 kg), Switzerland (7.9 kg), Belgium (6.8 kg), Luxembourg (6.5 kg), Canada (6.2 kg).  


Brazil is the #1 coffee producer in the world. In 2017 alone, Brazil produced over 2,595,000 metric tons of coffee beans. Countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uganda, India, Honduras, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, are, after Brazil, of course, the largest coffee producing countries.

Because coffee is the most popular beverage around the world, with over 2.25 billion coffee cups consumed every day, the industry is constantly renovating itself to continue on this growth path.

Let’s take a look now at the top 5 Coffee trends for 2020

1. More Natural Tasting Coffee

In the Western world and in emerging markets, the use of natural ingredients in the production of beverages such as coffee takes on greater importance. This aspect is considered essential for the final consumer, who perceives the product not only as a drink, but as an experience for the senses.

A combination of exotic flavors and diverse textures are associated with high product quality. So not only are coffee retailers choosing a more natural grain, but they are also playing around with flavor combinations that can enhance the user experience.

2. Bio-Friendly Coffee Alternatives  

The increase of environmental conscience in the recent years has awakened the need for coffee retailers to reduce their carbon footprint, thus implementing resources in developing technology that will help them achieve that goal.

Gourmesso is one of those companies. We feel proud to see Glorybrew, our Keurig-compatible coffee capsules, have such an amazing response within our audience due to the fact that the capsules are indeed compostable.

We are also very proud because in our endless research we were able to produce our first compostable Nespresso machine compatible pod, which will be launched at the end of 2019.

Other coffee retailers have begun their journey in trying to develop eco-friendly coffee to the final consumer. This is a trend we know will only grow more with time.

3. Sustainable and Certified Coffee

By including more organic processes in the production of various varieties of coffee, a better image of the industry and greater confidence among consumers is achieved. Therefore, the requirement of certifications to ensure that it is a natural and socially and environmentally responsible product is becoming increasingly common, especially in countries in North America and Europe. Having them is an added value that influences the purchase decision of the importer and the end customer.

Gourmesso is Fairtrade certified, which means it has been produced to fair trade standards by fair trade organizations, that strive on respecting coffee producer labor and establishing fair and transparent trading partnerships.

4. Coffee Capsule Machines in More Homes and Office Spaces

With the boom that Nespresso has seen in recent years, purchasing a coffee capsule machine has become a growing trend as well. It began as a very exclusive niche, but now, it has taken the average coffee consumer market by storm, flooding office spaces and more kitchens than the plague.

Not only are these machines stylish but are very convenient for those of us who are always on the go. More and more people are joining this trend and we do not see it going anywhere but up, because the market now has so many affordable options to choose from.
Western Europe and North America are markets where these machines are most common. In fact, online sales of 'pods' in these markets are strong, because consumers can sign up for monthly plans that include capsule replenishment.

5. Coffee Consumption in Youth Grows

The best reflection of this trend can be seen in Asian countries. In China, for example, a market that has shown huge potential in the last 5 years, the main coffee consumers are among the ages between 20 and 30. This generation has been impacted by social media, especially Instagram, their preferred platform.

Among the most popular Instagram hashtags are #CoffeeLovers and #Coffee, and it would not surprise you if you saw at least one coffee cup pic a day, when you scroll through your timeline.

Also, coffee houses that congregate young people are becoming more and more popular, thus backing up this trend’s continuous growth for the upcoming year



There are still a lot of possibilities for the coffee market around the world. We did not include, for example, all the beauty line products that use coffee as their main ingredient, which will also be a trend we will continue to follow, due to its huge potential to take over a large chunk of the market, as well.

We will continue to keep monitoring all new trends and spreading the word out. Stay tuned and caffeinated!

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