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Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U Review

In the last 25 years, Nespresso®* has redefined the concept and experience of espresso coffee through their patented capsule system of carefully selected, roasted, ground, and packaged beans. From the standard espresso blend to the less concentrated lungo and stronger ristretto, this company sources coffee from the highest quality growing regions around the globe.

Through their Grand Cru coffees, stylishly designed machines, and always exceptional customer service, Nespresso®* allows you to bring the aromas and flavors of European-style coffee shops into your home. Yet, their diverse range of machines can be confusing to navigate, so let's take a look at two of the more popular models in this Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U Review.

The Nespresso®* Pixie & the Nespresso®* U

Both of these models are OriginalLine machines that are well known as the fastest of Nespresso’s®* espresso coffee machines. While the Pixie is designed to be a surprisingly small, fast, and effective machine, the U emphasizes simplicity, modularity, and adaptability to the demands of your everyday life. Yet, with similar standards for speed and convenience, both machines are extremely handy and nearly equal as Nespresso’s®* fastest selling machines.

Review of Nespresso®* Pixie and the Nespresso®* U

Differences in the Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U Review

Each machine has a unique set of goals; while the Pixie emphasizes speed and convenience, the U was created to offer a high quality, inexpensive, modular and adaptable individual size machine. The latter thus includes different models, with the U being the standard, the U Milk offering a built-in Aeroccino milk frother, and the U Mat merely including a matte finish. A Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U Review reveals further differences in the following areas:


The Pixie is the smallest Nespresso®* machine, with a compact height of only 9.3 inches, width of 4.4 inches, and depth of 12.8 inches, while the U clocks in at 9.8 inches high and 14.5 inches depth, with almost the same width. The Pixie was designed to conserve counter space, but the U provides a more exciting design aesthetic with its curved shape and shifting water tank, which can be rotated 180 degrees to help it fit into your desired space.

Available Colors

By and large, the Pixie offers more options for colors, with two different finishes of steel or electric and various colors, including steel, carmine, indigo, black, steel blue, lime, and many others. The U line, meanwhile, tends toward milder tones, including pure black, cream, grey, and a few matte finishes. Still, both models offer enough hues that you can easily find one to complement your kitchen’s color scheme.

Water Reservoir Size

The comparison for the water tank is fairly obvious, in that the U can hold 3 ounces more water than the Pixie can. This will translate into having to refresh the reservoir more often.

Insert and Eject Coffee Capsule

As in the previous difference, the used capsule capacity for each model is similar. While the Pixie can hold about 10 used capsules, the U is capable of 12. The greater difference lies in how the capsules are inserted into the machine, since the U model actually switches on when your finger passes over the machine’s sensitive surface of three buttons for the three different cup sizes. This results in a fully automatic brewing and ejection of used capsules, and this later model can even remember your preferred espresso coffee cup size.

Drip Tray

While the trip tray for the Pixie folds up to allow for larger glasses, the tray for the U can be removed to make more space.


Neither model comes with a milk frother in-built, at least not at the standard level. The Pixie can be ordered in a bundle with the Aeroccino Plus frother in order to create cappuccino and frothed milk drinks. The U and Aeroccino can actually be combined into the U-Milk, which provides a well-priced option for just such purposes.

Power Consumption

The Pixie and the U provide a quite fast pre-heat time of a mere 25 seconds, but the latter has a stronger, more optimized energy profile, with a body made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastics. The former, though, does provide a convenient power cord.

Auto Shut-off

To prevent any potential worries over forgetting to shut off your coffee machine, both of these models will automatically shut off after 9 minutes of inactivity.


In general, the U tends to be more inexpensive than the Pixie, with a difference of around $60 between the two, and starting prices of around $170.00 and $230.00, respectively. Although the Pixie may be a bigger investment, its unique benefits may outweigh that extra, initial investment, depending on your home and your coffee brewing needs.

Similarities in the Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U Review

As already noted, both the Pixie and the U share a common focus on fast but sophisticated brewing of espresso coffee in the comforts of home. Furthermore, many of their differences demonstrate a similar vision, in that the amount of difference is not very large, as in the case of water reservoir size and used capsule capacity. However, there is one other similarity worth noting:

Smart thinking

Both the Nespresso®* U and Pixie are smart machines that will think ahead for you. A backlit LED water level detection system in each one will notify you when the water needs to be replenished. In addition, a warning light will let you know if the capsule dispenser is full and needs to be emptied. Insofar as maintenance will be an issue, each of these models will help you stay on top of things and keep your coffee machine in top shape.

Pros and cons

Overall, then, the choice for a Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U review comes down to:


The Pixie is smaller, takes up less space in general, comes in a larger variety of colors.

The U has somewhat more water and capsule capacity, memorizes your standard cup choice, has a unique swiveling water tank, is cheaper, and weighs somewhat less as well.


The Pixie has fewer cup sizes, is slightly lower on capacity, and tends to cost more.

The U is larger, takes up more space even if it is adaptable, and comes in fewer colors.

Which Nespresso®* Machine to Buy?

As with many choices, this will really depend on your needs and preferences. If you don’t have much counter space, the more compact Pixie might make more sense; however, if you’re more interested in the innovative memory and technology of the U, then you may want to invest in that model instead.

One potentially significant factor that comes out of this comparison of Nespresso®* Pixie Review vs. Nespresso®* U Review is that the Pixie’s limited size means that you will be emptying the capsule container and topping off the water more regularly than the U model. However, the Pixie is the only one of Nespresso®*’s line of coffee machines that is still made in Switzerland, which has given it a reputation for being the best manufactured of the companies models. No matter what you value most, keep in mind the differences between these two models, and choose according to your needs. Try any of our Gourmesso capsules in either machine!

This Nespresso®* Pixie review and Nespresso®* U review shows Gourmesso capsules work in these machines.

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