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Nespresso®* Coffee Varieties and Best Compatible Capsules

When the first Nespresso®* individual-serving coffee maker was patented in 1976, not even its inventor could have guessed what a revolution to the coffee world he had created. Nespresso®* varieties allow you to make espresso in your home or office, without expensive steaming machines, and without having to deal with the headaches, crowds and overpricing of the coffee shop on the corner. Now anybody can enjoy cappuccino and espressos in the comfort of their own home.

Nespresso®* Varieties

Nespresso®* has a wide range of machines, accessories and coffee capsules to perfectly suit your coffee needs. The OriginalLine series offers five different classes of machine, each offering a slightly different coffee experience. The machines are available with high pressure pumps for espresso, with steam pipes for milk for the cappuccino lovers, with cup warming plates, and with all the best power and time saving conveniences. The Nespresso®* Grad Cru provides the espresso connoisseur a wide choice in the different coffee varieties

The new VertuolLine machines and coffees offer the same variety and convenience, with the added benefit of producing crema for your coffees. Accessories available for the Nespresso®* range from capsule dispensers to beautiful purpose-made espresso and cappuccino cups, travel mugs and espresso stirrers and spoons.

Gourmesso capsules DO NOT work in the new VertuoLine machine.

Best Nespresso®* Capsules

Nespresso®* coffee capsules come in three sizes to suit how much and how intense you want your coffee serving to be. Ristretto is the smallest serving, and is the most intense espresso blends. A good example is the Indriya from India, which is a blend of Arabica with southern India Robusta; it is an intense, spicy coffee flavor for the adventurous coffee lover. This is widely considered one of the best Nespresso®* capsules.

The Espresso is the next larger size, and has a wonderful variety of flavors and roasts available, including the vanilla, hazelnut and caramel-flavored coffees. A good example of an espresso is the Cosi, which is a light roasted blend of Arabicas from growers in East Africa and Central America, and promises a mild flavor with citrus notes. The Cosi is also one of the most popular of the Nespresso®* varieties that make up the Nespresso®* Grand Cru. There are also two decaffeinated flavors, which are considered some of the best Nespresso®* capsules, the Decaffeinato and the more flavorful Decaffeinato Intenso, which promises cocoa notes with an powerful flavor.

The most generous size is the Lungo. The flavors here tend to be milder and fruitier than the Espresso or Ristretto categories. A good example of a Lungo is the Bukeela ka Ethiopia, which is a blend of Arabicas from Africa, and promises a delicate flavor with hints of floral, musk and woody notes. Lungo also has a decaffeinated variety, the Decaffeinato Lungo, a delicate coffee with hints of cereal flavor.

Nespresso®* Grands Crus - The Coffee Varieties

The Nespresso®* Grand Cru is the name affectionately given to all of the different Nespresso®* varieties. By using the idea of the French wine grand crus, Nespresso®* hopes to instill a sense of elegance to their coffee pods. Nespresso®* varieties come in seven categories, each with its own unique flavor ranges. The Intenso is just what it says: intense. The darkest roasts, the deepest colors and flavors, such as the Asia-grown Dharkan blend, a Ristretto with bitter cocoa and cereal flavors and velvety texture.

The Espressos Nespresso®* varieties are milder than the Intenso, but still pack plenty of punch, with dark roasts and exciting blends of flavor. A good example of Espresso is the Livanto, a Central and South American blend with an intriguing note of caramel undertones.

There is none of this business of picking a few coffees from here and more from there for the Pure Origin category of the Nespresso®* Grand Crus. Only pure blends from single locations are allowed and tend to be milder roasts than the Espressos. A delicious example is the Rosabaya de Columbia, made only from Columbian coffees, and offers a surprising fruity, winey flavor.

Nespresso®* Capsules – Flavors

Nespresso®* varieties offers a generous selection of coffee Nespresso®* capsules flavors for the Nespresso®* machine. Only the best blends from Central and South America, Africa, and the Orient are selected for different coffee varieties, roasted to the peak of flavor and packaged quickly to preserve their freshness.

The Lungo and Decaffeinato Nespresso®* varieties have already been mentioned above, but shouldn't be overlooked. They offer a delicious coffee experience for the more discerning coffee lover. Likewise, the Variations category is small but exciting. These are the proper "flavored" coffees, with Ciocattino for a cocoa flavor, Vanillio for vanilla, and Caramelito for a caramel flavor. Nespresso®* capsules flavors are some of the most sought after coffee varieties online today.

Finally there are the Limited Edition Nespresso®* varieties. These are the artistic blends, which intend to invoke a memory or experience for the drinker. Each is offered only for a limited time. A good example is the Cubania, an Arabica and Robusto blend meant to invoke the sultry, sexy romance of Cuba.

We offer an alternative to Nespresso®* varieties that are rich and bold.

Gourmesso Capsules for Nespresso®* Machines

Gourmesso’s Nespresso®* compatible capsules are compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines, and offer the same exciting variety of coffee flavors and experiences at a more than reasonable price. They draw their coffees from the same sources as Nespresso®* varieties, and use the same expertise and artistry in their roasting and blending. Each blend is comparable to even the best Nespressp®* capsules

Gourmesso coffee capsules offer flavors that Nespresso®* doesn't yet have, like Almond, Hazelnut and Coconut Flavors, Italian and Ethiopian blends, and a wonderful variety of bold and mild espressos.

If you're new to the world of Nespresso®* style coffees, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of varieties available in the Nespresso®* Grand Crus. Should you try the Colombian coffees first? Are dark roasts or lighter roasts going to taste better to your palette? Where do you start? Gourmesso has a solution. They offer bundles, each having a sampling of the different flavors and varieties available. A simple Trial Bundle offers one box of each flavor, each roast, so that you can try each one and find your favorites without having to invest money in an untested flavor.

Or you can try the Espresso Bundle or the Arabica Bundle, or any of the others as you start to focus on your favorite flavors. The Bundles are also a great answer to the question of what to do when everybody likes different flavors

Nespresso®* machines and coffee make it possible, even easy, to have gourmet coffees and espressos in the comfort of your home or office. They offer a variety of coffee flavors, roast and blends that will appeal to every discerning coffee palette. Gourmesso offers that same variety and more, at a price 30% less than that of Nespresso®* varieties, with no extra attachments or fuss to worry about.

Are you looking for the Gourmesso Coffee varieties that are comparable to your favorite Nespresso®* blend? Click here to find out which of our capsules are similar to the different Nespresso®* varieties.

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