Our Fairtrade Promise

So you love your coffee capsules, but you do not want to neglect the ecological aspect at the same time? Gourmesso has the solution!

At Gourmesso, we are proud to share that all of our Gourmesso Fairtrade line is 100% Fairtrade certified, with a variety of them also being certified organic. It is our mission to not only provide our customers with the best quality coffee capsules among an exceptional portfolio of flavors, but to also supply the world with Fairtrade certifiedand organic varieties. We deem it as our responsibility to make sure our coffee beans have been grown following the appropriate regulations, while considering the ethical, social, and environmental influences of our actions. Join us in our efforts to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle - effortlessly - with our compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso machines.

Gourmesso capsules for Nespresso machines do NOT fit in Vertuo (formerly: VertuoLine) machines.

Why Fairtrade Matters

The Fairtrade Foundation operates to grow and develop the coffee farms, as well as surrounding communities, where our coffee beans are sourced. With every purchase of our Fairtrade coffee, you are directly supporting the sustainable development of local coffee farms from Mexico, to Colombia, to India. By giving these farmers a platform within the international coffee market, the Fairtrade foundation—and consumers like you—bring needed stimulation to emerging economies throughout the world.

Should You Buy Fairtrade Coffee Pods for Nespresso Original Machines?

Gourmesso says, “yes!”

Although the Fairtrade movement isn’t perfect, it’s a step in the right direction. Despite the flaws in the system, workers are still paid fair wages with additional returns invested into the farming community. Our team at Gourmesso strongly believes in the Fairtrade movement. We work diligently with our producers to supply our consumers with the largest selection of Fairtrade capsules within the coffee market. If you would like to learn more about our relationship with Fairtrade, please visit here.

Your decision to purchase Gourmesso’s Fairtrade coffee capsules will make a lasting impact on the economies of the developing communities that we work with. Every dollar you spend on Gourmesso’s coffee capsules is a dollar you’re investing in the lives of someone, somewhere.

Choose Fairtrade Coffee Capsules, choose Gourmesso Fair line!

Why buy Fairtrade Coffee?