Lungo Capsules for Nespresso Machines: 5 Varieties from $0.39 / Capsule - Alternative to Nespresso lungos

Here you will find all our lungo coffee options, and we will focus in greater detail on some important topics regarding this subject. What is a lungo Nespresso coffee? How do you serve, drink, or make lungo with a Nespresso Original Machine? Why is it popular? What is the ideal flavor profile? Does lungo coffee suit me? You may be asking yourself a few of these questions, and we hope to clarify all of them here.

We offer savings of up to 45% off per pod - compared to the original Nespresso capsules - without sacrificing excellent coffee quality. Our compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso machines are available in 40+ different Lungo, Espresso, Decaf, and even Flavored varieties. At the same time, it is very important to us to act responsibly - for the well-being of our earth. That's why we offer compostable pods through our brand Glorybrew as well as Fairtrade certified coffees with our brand Gourmesso.

Our brands Artuzzi, Nite Edition, Gourmesso, Barista Moments, and the compostable Glorybrew pods for Nespresso machines do NOT fit in VertuoLine machines.

What is lungo coffee?

Meet lungo, the brother of Espresso! Espresso and lungo may not be twins, but you can refer to them as brothers. A lungo is an extended espresso, using coarser coffee beans and twice the amount of water that is used to brew an espresso. A normal serving of espresso measures 25 to 60 milliliters, while a lungo might measure 130 to 170 milliliters. Although Espresso and Lungo may have a similar personality. a lungo manifests more complex flavors due to the modification in the brewing process.

What is a lungo Nespresso coffee?

1- lungo is a long espresso!

lungo is a long or extended espresso (generally with a bit more than double the amount of water used for a double espresso) that uses the same high-pressure extraction technology as Espressos.

2- Designated Button to use with a lungo capsule!

The Nespresso machine has a button to use with lungo capsule varieties, and it automatically adds more water for the lungo sized Nespresso cup.

3- lungo size espresso is 3.75 ounces, or 110 mL!

The original setting for Nespresso lungo size espresso is 3.75 ounces, or 110 mL, which is how much espresso coffee that will fill your cup.

4- More caffeine than an Espresso?

Lungos do not contain more caffeine than an Espresso.

5- Long extraction for large cups!

Lungos are specifically designed to be optimally refined in a long extraction for large cups—maintaining their full flavor potential.

6- Who should drink it?

Lungo espresso is usually for coffee drinkers who enjoy a milder coffee with a great flavor profile.

You can learn more on our detailed page on Lungo Nespresso coffee.

The difference between Nespresso espresso and lungo capsules?

1- The difference between Nespresso espresso and lungo coffee comes from the roasting and grinding procedures and the dose of coffee per capsule, which are all optimized to ensure the best possible extraction and quality for your cup of coffee.

2- 6.25 ounces is the ideal cup size compared to the Espresso Cup Ideal of 2 oz (60 mL). Nespresso brand recommends a Lungo Cup Size as 5 oz (140 mL), which is basically the size of a coffee mug; whereas, espresso is the size of a cup.

3- Lungos are long coffees crafted through a long extraction process to fill large cups. Their body and flavor remains full and satisfying.

4- The lungos from the Nespresso team do not surpass an Espresso in terms of caffeine content.

5- Lungo espresso is usually for coffee drinkers who enjoy a milder coffee with a great flavor profile.

Lungo vs. Americano

Both of these fan favorites may seem similar at first, but if you look a little closer, it will be much clearer how the two differ. The Americano is simply an espresso with water added after the brewing to dilute the intensity of the flavor. To contrast, the lungo has more water added during the brewing process resulting in a more developed, bitter flavor.

Our lungo pods compatible with Nespresso machines: Several varieties starting from $0.39 / pod

Our collection of premium compatible lungo coffee pods for Nespresso machines comes in an assortment of roasts and intensities - all-encompassing the beloved lungo personality.

Everybody loves lungo!

Our line of compatible lungo coffee pods for Nespresso machines comes in both medium and dark roast blends. The medium roast options offer a mild and balanced flavor complex, yet delicate; whereas, the dark roast options are powerful, while still remaining creamy and captivating. The choice is yours. We all have our different moods, so does lungo.

Among our medium and dark roast options, we also offer a range of intensities. The intensities of our lungo coffee collection ranges from 5 (mild) to 10 (strong). The spectrum consists of dynamic flavors that all embody the exhilarating aroma and intense flavor of the lungo.

Similarly to our premium espresso selection, we use Arabica and Robusta beans that travel from the highlands of South and Central America and the forests of Africa and India.

Best lungo pods for Nespresso machines

Out of all our lungo varieties, here are some of our favorites we recommend you give a try…

Gourmesso Lungo Arabica Forte: Made from 100% of the finest Arabica beans, this alternative to Nespresso lungo is a well-balanced of a full-bodied blend with intensity 9.

Gourmesso Lungo Latino Mezzo: Each capsule of this medium roast lungo contains exactly three Arabica beans with a dash of Robusta. Although tiny, don’t be shocked by the fierce and fruity flavor that lies within.

Our Fairtrade promise

All compatible lungo coffee pods for Nespresso machines are authorized with the Fairtrade seal. It’s our mission at Gourmesso to not only produce the best tasting single-serve coffee, but to also supply the world with fair-traded, more eco-friendly options.

Enjoy our coffee—unapologetically— and radiate our mission towards a more organic and environmentally aware planet—one cup of coffee at a time.

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